Get ready for a very obvious Sound of Music joke. You’ll know it when you get there.

Let’s see, what else happened this week? It’s VERY slow out there. Harry and Meghan and Archie allegedly went to Mallorca for her birthday but I believe they are back now; the Cambridges are lolling around the house throwing frozen grapes in each other’s mouths (I assume); the Spanish royals are trying to figure out how to turn off the chocolate fountain before they go out (also in Mallorca); and Maxima’s probably buying and selling a series of ever-larger hats on Poshmark. That all sounds super, but leave the house, y’all!!

It was Princess Anne’s birthday, and we celebrated by re-running this post about her many years of skepticism and foxiness.  As I said on Twitter, I hope she celebrated by kicking Prince Andrew in the shins.

Elsewhere on the Internet:

V. interesting, at the Telegraph: Anne Boleyn’s nursery for the male child that was never born to be explored for first time. Poor Anne.

Also at the Telegraph: At 69, Princess Anne’s country-chic look and penchant for re-wearing couldn’t be more on trend

At the New York Times: ‘Diana,’ a Musical, Is Heading to Broadway. I expect a full report, New Yorkers!

At The Cut: How the Royals Are Handling the Prince Andrew–Jeffrey Epstein Allegations. In short: Poorly! I didn’t expect them to do anything — Andrew’s always maintained his innocence — but I definitely don’t think the Queen should have taken him with her to church on Sunday. However, he and Fergie did leave Balmoral as soon as Philip showed up; presumably due to Philip’s roiling hatred of Fergs, but perhaps also because Philip is super-steamed. Were I in charge, my advice would be for Andrew to LAY LOW for like…several months. I guess he and Fergs are now also in Mallorca. Fergie is apparently really excited to stand by her man. Oh, Fergie. Fergie Fergie Fergie. The Yorks are….really….doing things.

The Cambridges and Sussexes are coming up to Balmoral shortly; Katie Nicholl reports on everyone’s accommodations. (News-wise this is sort of a non-story. The Cambridges are staying in the same cottage — “cottage” — they stay in every time they’re there; it literally belongs to Wills. No one even knows if these visits will be concurrent! Logistics-wise, it’s very interesting though. So many outfit changes!)

And, in social media:

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On International Youth Day find out about some of the Queen’s Young Leaders are #transformingeducation within their communities, to make it more inclusive and accessible for all! 2015 @queensyoungleaders winners Deo (Uganda) and Edmund Page (UK) have joined forces to provide learning support to children with cerebral palsy in Uganda. 2016 @QueensyoungLeaders Diedra founded a scholarship programme for high school students in Belize and Calvin delivers education and career development workshops in Malaysia, supporting young people to plan for the future! In 2017 Nonduduzo (Kingdom of eSwatini) received an Award for work to help girls living in rural communities to continue their education and Theresa (Papau New Guinea) founded UniMums to support and mentor young mothers studying at University. 2018 winners Deane and Aditiya (India) work together to inform and empower young girls & women about menstrual hygiene and maternal health. The Queen’s Young Leaders programme was launched in 2014 with the first winners visiting Buckingham Palace in 2015 to receive their award from The Queen, supported by The Duke of Cambridge, and The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Since then hundreds of young people from around the Commonwealth have been awarded for the work they do in their communities. Inspired by the work of the #QueensYoungLeaders Programme, the @queens_commonwealth_trust is working to help young change makers, including #QueensYoungLeaders, realise their hopes & dreams for the future.

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They’re on boat!

This dress is fetching!

Look at this doggie!!

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