Do you need a new work bag?

We had a very amusing conversation about Weird Bathrooms You Have Known.

Thank you to Grace Atwood at The Stripe for including The Royal We on her list of the 10 Best Beach Reads of All Time!

At Lainey: They’re developing a TV series of ST ELMO’S FIRE? I might be here for that.

WaPo gives us A VERY DEEP DIVE on the Kanye West/Taylor Swift Narrative. I do not think any person alive thought his interrupting her at the VMAs would have THIS ripple effect. We live in fascinating times.

Wired examines The Biomechanical Perfection of Simone Biles in Flight

At Texas Monthly: What Does It Mean to Be Latinx in the Wake of El Paso?

This is a cute and interesting article at CBC, about training service dogs to attend the theatre. WHAT GOOD DOGGIES.

At Celebitchy: I miss Cameron Diaz.

At Elle: The 2020 Democratic Candidates’ Iowa Food Diaries Are Works of Art. (Mayor Pete is so obviously the youngest person in this race. He must be feeling so questionable right now!!!)

Speaking of questionable diets, at Fodor’s: I Went to the Taco Bell Hotel and It Was Certainly a Hotel With Taco Bell in It

At Pajiba: Did You Need an Emma Thompson Written Movie Starring Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding Inspired by the Music of George Michael?

At Vulture: Inside Richard Linklater’s Complete Rewrite of Where’d You Go, Bernadette. Ugh, this makes me feel bad for the book’s author, Maria Semple, even though she had literally nothing to do with any of this — it just must be hard to see someone take your baby and uh….totally re-write it and make it worse. This sounds like it was a DISASTER. (Also, maybe a book about a girl and her mom could have used one woman working on the screenplay? JUST A THOUGHT.)

Also at Lainey, all the latest on the Miley/Liam break-up. Ah, if it were 2015, we’d all be spending so much time talking about this!

At Town & Country: Olivia de Havilland’s Collection of Christian Dior Haute Couture Is a Film and Fashion Treasure Trove