Okay, so obviously, most of the Royals Shenanigans this week have been Wills, Kate, and George on their New Zealand/Australia Royal Tour. If you’ve missed any of those posts, here they are:

That being said, other stuff happened too, including a state dinner at Windsor Castle at which the Queen wore MAJOR JEWELS, Camilla held up books, people wore shoes, there’s an amazing table-setting, and all kinds of other stuff that you can ogle in the slideshow.

Other tidbits of interest:

  • People has the full menu for the New Zealand state dinner and it’s making me hungry. I am obsessed with menus for formal events. I really am. I will ALWAYS read them. Just the other day, I had to look something up for The Royal We and ended up spending like AN HOUR reading about what the Queen has served at various Important Dinners.
  • Charles and Camilla’s ninth anniversary was this week. Royal Central has archival news video from the wedding. And is it amazing. “Camilla. Looked. Terrified. All. Day,” the announcer intones (over footage of her looking totally normal). William looks REALLY REALLY handsome. Holy cow, you William lovers will die. Stephen Fry looks A DELIGHT. Harry looks like A CHILD. And Camilla is OF COURSE wearing some kind of wreath on her head. You need to watch this.