I admit that I was INCREDIBLY concerned about this when I first saw it:

As weas, given the number of emails and tweets we got about it, everyone in Fug Nation who happened to be flarging around on the computer when the Royals Polo Extravaganza photos started coming in on the wires. The dress is totally fine albeit maybe a hair too small, but these things happen. The shoes might be very cute. The bag looks like it got shrunk in the wash. BUT THE HAIR MY GOD GIRL WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU HAVE YOU PUT TOGETHER SOME KIND OF COCKER SPANIEL-INSPIRED PIGTAIL THING NO HONEY NO NO.

Which is why I felt SO much better when I saw THIS:

It’s just a Totally Normal Ponytail Plus a Gust of Wind, y’all. STAND DOWN.

And you, J Lo Hew, can go back to prepping the Casey Anthony movie you KNOW you’re finagling to star in.