I just started watching So You Think You Can Dance this season and while there are parts of it that make me sort of crazy (namely, the same parts I fast-forward through on Idol – blah blah blah I grew up in a small town blah blah blah my parents both died in a coal mining accident blah blah blah my doctor told me if I didn’t dance I only had two months to live blah), Cat Deeley IS a really good host. Charming, and also totally on top of things, and sometimes she dresses crazy and the other week, they actually BEDAZZLED HER CLAVICLE (clavdazzled?) so that’s always fun. (FOX also spelled her name wrong in their chyrons two weeks in a row, so she apparently also has a really, really laid-back agent.)

She also posed like this in all the shots in our photo sub, which makes me think one of her arms is REALLY heavy or she’s resisting, with all her might, the urge to deal with a nasty wedgie:

Stay strong, Cat.

But how do we like the dress?

  • FABULOUS. (10%, 1,038 Votes)
  • Not bad, but I've seen her look better. (24%, 2,512 Votes)
  • Not bad...FOR A NIGHTGOWN. (32%, 3,326 Votes)
  • But a fancy nightgown. At least part of a bridal trousseau, no?? (15%, 1,534 Votes)
  • No. (8%, 814 Votes)
  • BAD. (11%, 1,110 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,334

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