So, Wills and Kate and Harry (and the Queen, whatever) hosted a party at Buckingham Palace tonight for Rio Olympians, and Kate wore a pattern again – her patterns are becoming a pattern and I am obviously delighted — AND red shoes. Progress, you guys. It’s even being made at the Dreaded Cocktail Events!

It took forever for photos to come in from this party, and ergo I also bring you MUCH from social media, in addition to our slideshow, as I was concerned this was the only coverage I was going to be able to grab — and frankly there STILL aren’t a ton of photos yet. Luckily, everyone’s Instas and Twitters were on top of things, and I’ll update our slideshow once more pics come in. Until then:

I like it! The length might be a little weird?

I see you laughing in the background with your wine glass, Princess Anne! You cannot hide from me!

This next photo made me laugh. The Body Language Experts at Us Weekly would have only good marks for how their relationship is going, given the level of mirroring happening here:

You two. JUST MAKE OUT! And, finally, some video from inside the event. It’s always fun to get to see the inside of the palace, no?

[Photos: YUI MOK/AFP/Getty Images, Instagram, Twitter (in particular, Emily Andrews, whose Twitter coverage of this event was aces.)]