It has been a LONG TIME since we’ve seen these three together in public — Christmas break at church, to be specific. THANK GOD the trio is back in action, and double thank God that Harry still has his beard. You guys, I literally woke up last night from a dream in which he’d shaved it, but somehow I was the only person who knew. “Fug Nation will be upset,” Dream Me thought, and then fretted about how I was to break this news to you. In other news, SOMEONE’s been talking to Maxima about the power of a wide-brimmed hat, and it’s not Wills. (Fun fact, Kate’s hat is by John Boyd, who was one of Diana’s favorite milliners, and he’s 90 years old and still making hats; his Twitter feed is fabulous. I need him to write an autobiography immediately. I love the idea of a 90 year-old milliner still whipping ‘em up in his workroom.)

PS: If you want to see all of this in motion, the Kensington Palace Twitter is HERE FOR YOU:

PPS: Westminster Abbey is so pretty and also I will never not be amused that their Twitter handle is @Wabbey. The pealing bells of Westminster Abbey give me feelings. I love them.