I wonder if Kate Middleton minds the name Catherine. Some people say they don’t care whether you call them their full name, or a nickname, or whatever — and then some do. Jessica is both. She doesn’t mind Jessica or Jess, but she hates Jessie. When Kate was at home making her Waity Katie (oh, British tabloids, you are both evil and also sort of accurate) pro and con list, I hope “Forced to go by same name as Russian monarch who died during bestial tryst with horse, and three of Henry VIII’s wives” is not on the con list, although she could put sharing a name with Catherine Zeta-Jones on the pro list, so there’s that.

Still, let’s take a look at a sampling of what Kate wore when she got to be Kate, before she becomes Catherine, She Who Holds Whatever Title They Decide Befits The Wife Of An Heir. Say goodbye to some of it, and hello to a lot of sensible suits.

[Photos: Getty, Splash News, WENN]