Here, Rita Ora is at the lighting of the Christmas lights on Oxford Street, and I am jealous of her: London is SO FESTIVE during the holidays. I mean, I assume: Our research trip for The Royal We kicked off on January 2nd, and it was festive then so I can only imagine how festive it was before the holidays were over and everyone was glumly starting their diets (and wondering why two Americans had so many logistical questions on their Buckingham Palace tour).  ANYWAY: This seems like a fun event and perhaps that’s why I am somehow on board with the fact that her upper body appears like it’s heading for apres ski drinks, her lower body is going to a gala, and her feet are in the middle of trying on shoes on at Off Fifth.  The warmth of holiday cheer has me appreciating this punch bowl of sartorial delights.

[Photo: Matt Crossick/PA Images/]
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