If this looks familiar, it’s because (a) we’ve seen it before (at an event wherein Harry Styles hilariously told Kate that she “didn’t look bumpy,” which you know is a comment he relives in horror at night when he’s trying to sleep), and (b) the black lace-sleeved cocktail dress is her most favorite thing in the world. Having said that, if you’re in the market for a black lace cocktail dress for the holidays, you should know that the short version of this dress is on sale at Matches (and guess who already owns it in navy? One Ms Meghan Markle. Are they going to have to arm-wrestle for the rights to this dress once Harry makes this official?). The long version is not be to had for love or money, because I assume Kate bought all of them, just in case the world runs out of long-sleeved black lace numbers. IMAGINE THE HORROR.

We’ve also got social media coverage, of course:

This young man is so handsome in his tux:

Because we always want to see the snacks:

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And the room (at the Orangery, literally next door to Kate’s apartments in Kensington Palace):

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Well done, everyone:

[Photos:  Frank Augstein/PA Images/INSTARimages.com]