Li Jun Li feels like the only person who came out of Babylon with good marks — although I don’t think anyone was mad at Margot Robbie as much as we’re all just pretending she wasn’t involved with it, and I think everyone agrees Diego Calva is hot. (I didn’t see Babylon, but everyone I know who did hated it so much that it perversely made me want to watch it.) Her role in the film — she plays an actress based loosely on Anna May Wong — definitely came with a raised profile and some very primo styling. She’s been working with Jessica Paster, who also does Emily Blunt, Aubrey Plaza, and Rhea Seehorn (who actually also all had strong awards seasons, all things considered), and she pulled off a ton of interesting, unusual looks — even the ones I didn’t technically like generally had a point of view and some real elan. Let’s revisit her very intriguing awards show season.

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