Law Roach dropped a breadcrumb, potentially, on his Instagram this weekend: Someone speculated that Zendaya might have Jonathan Anderson of Loewe design something custom — they have a close relationship, and he did the costumes for Challengers — and Law shared that story (and has also given quotes saying the dress isn’t made yet, so they’re clearly not going archival, unless they’re recreating). Does it mean anything? No idea yet, but one thing I do find intriguing is that no one is talking about Louis Vuitton in this context. That might be because LV is one of the GREATEST offenders in terms of brands that shovel existing runway clothes at Met Gala guests, with no regard to how any of them look in relation to each other (as in, too samey), much less the theme. It might also be because that’s an unhappy marriage of brand and celeb. Those who know surely aren’t talking.

In lieu of concrete intel, let’s contextualize whatever Zendaya does wear by examining her outfits of the past. She hasn’t attended since 2019, so this could be a BIG re-entry. We now know how much she and Law love a theme — but interestingly, her first few outings, she didn’t seem to lean into it at all.

PS: Yes, we will be having a live chat during today’s arrivals at the Met Gala over at Drinks With Broads! Join us!

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