I have such fondness for this movie in my heart, both because it’s secretly good and because it gave me one of my first big clips back when I was a copywriter: I got to write an ad that ran in TV Guide for Josie and the Pussycat velour cat ears that you could buy. They were VERY cute ears, and that was a good assignment for a young writer who had basically no idea what she was doing.

Also, who could forget this:

(Apologies for the jankiness of that video, but also thanks to the person who recorded it off her TV!) The youngs may not realize this, but this is a VERY good satire of the “I Want It That Way” video — and I say that as someone who LOVES “I Want It That Way,” because it’s a great pop song. April, 2001! What a time to be alive! (Things were about to go to hell.)

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