Okay, I looked it up on IMDb, and Selena is actually filming a TV series for Hulu called Only Murders in the Building with Steve Martin and Martin Short and it actually sounds very charming: “The series follows three New Yorkers who find they have a mutual interest in solving true crime – but limit their amateur sleuthing to only murders in their building. ” I…will watch this! Who hasn’t been longing for a reunion of Annie Banks’s Dad and Wedding Planner? (My family re-watched Father of the Bride recently and (a) I cried throughout it? (b) I’m the same age as Diane Keaton in that movie which makes me feel ANCIENT and (c) holy shit Martin Short is even weirder and funnier in it than I remembered; his Franck accent really holds up.) Anyway, as additional incentive, Selena Gomez looks like she wears some very charming outerwear in it. Behold!

[Photos: Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images,  Gotham/GC Images]