You know how when you use a sparkler to draw a bunch of curlicues in the air, you can see their echoes for a second before the light vanishes? That’s what this photo looks like to me: She twirled a magic wand, turned her ski suit to plaid, and the spell just hasn’t faded yet. Really, this is just one of the many, many, MANY things Lady Gaga has wrangled that seem impossible to me, but it is one about which I’d forgotten. I can remember the shoes, the thong at Yankee Stadium, the meat dress, the giant ovum… so many of them leap to mind, but I’d forgotten the tartan tail. How do you sit in this? How do you balance the wig with not tripping over the appendage? How does Lady Gaga do ANYTHING? Listen, I will never have the answers, but I DO know that if the Cats movie had looked anything like this, I would have watched it by now.

[Photo: WENN]