I have spent so much more time thinking about Priyanka Chopra since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got engaged than ever before. Previously, my thoughts were primarily, “I really thought Quantico was going to be Grey’s Anatomy but set in the FBI Academy and honestly that’s a better idea than this is,” and also, obviously, endless rumination about her stunningly perfect hair. But she and Meghan Markle are friends — I think they’re actually friends, not just “friends” — and she talks about Meghan a lot in the press. It’s always positive stuff, but my question is this one: Do we think she’s the person that texts Meghan and is like, “Glamour is asking me about the wedding, what can I say?” and Meghan is like, “I trust you to say something nice but generic,” or do we think she just keeps doing it, and Meghan looks up from her laptop every three days and says to Harry, “Priyanka is talking about me again,” and he is like, “what did she say?” and Meghan is  like, “um….something about how I’m a shining light for the future of the United Kingdom and indeed for all of humanity?” and then they both shrug. Given that Chopra wrote the essay about Meghan for the Time 100, my theory is that she’s the Approved Hollywood Friend and trusted to be Vaguely Positive, but the idea that she just keeps giving quotes but Meghan can’t really tell her to shush for ten minutes because all the quotes are so nice just amuses me.

ANYWAY, she was on Today this morning (where I believe she confirmed/noted that she is NOT one of Meghan’s bridesmaids, and indeed I assume all of Meghan’s bridesmaids will be small children), and I feel like even this day dress screams, “YOU GUYS I’M SO READY FOR AN ENGLISH WEDDING!” That is, I hope you know, a compliment.


Priyanka Chopra Stops by BUILD Series

She wore this to Live With Kelly And Whatever That Show Is Called Now (Why Can’t I Ever Remember That Ryan Seacrest Is Her Co-Host?):

Priyanka Chopra at Live with Kelly and Ryan

It feels very, “I fell into a wormhole last night thinking about how Banana Republic used to sell like actual safari gear,” which, by the way, is also a compliment from me. (Although her shoes make my face hurt.)

Priyanka is really making the rounds for the Quantico premiere. She recently posted this on her Instagram:

It’s really OTT but I’m kind of into it? She looks like the villain in an 80s movie, but in the way where you catch that movie on TBS on a Sunday afternoon and spend the entire time thinking about how good the antagonist looks.

But now we’re back to English garden party:

Florals for spring…so original.

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See you in Windsor!

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