Allison wore this to the premiere of Patrick Melrose, a Showtime number which she’s appearing in along with Benedict Cumberbatch, and which I’ve heard only VERY good things, so maybe it’s good that I haven’t cancelled Showtime in a cheap of budgetary responsibility. Between this and Get Out, I am beginning to wonder if Allison Williams is that rarity: Someone with good taste in projects. (Yes, yes, she was in Peter Pan Live! but let’s be honest: Who amongst us would have turned that down? I feel like my own take would have been, “this might be a disaster, but at least it’ll be an interesting one.)

She is also demonstrating some good taste in clothing here, because I dig this whole look. It feels very Evil Betty Draper, which….well, that’s also a project I’d be interested in. Someone call January Jones and get this off the ground.

[Photo by MediaPunch/REX/Shutterstock]