Gabriela Hearst’s show was powered by her fascination with Irish Modernist artist and architect Eileen Gray, who, may I add, sounds like a baller:

“She learned how to fly planes. She was a trained painter. She taught herself how to do lacquer. She taught herself how to do weaving. She had this furniture store. She had an arch rivalry with Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe….She was with all these guys who became more famous than her, she disappears for 30 years and then she’s rediscovered, which happens a lot with the women that I study, like, somebody else takes the ideas. But somehow we always try to make the story right again,” said Hearst, who was inspired by the austerity of Gray’s home and furniture designs, and her paintings, to embrace a more minimalist moment.

Okay, who’s doing the movie?!?

[Photos: Launchmetrics Spotlight SM]