Diane Kruger is in Germany celebrating an event called, “H&M Selected By Diane Kruger.” So, if I’m correct, it’s not a collaboration — she didn’t design anything — but she just went through and picked out stuff she didn’t hate. Kind of like when Piperlime existed (RIP, little buddy), and Rachel Bilson and Olivia Palermo and Rachel Zoe went through and made Favorites lists from all the available wares. Honestly, this sounds like a very tempting and easy paycheck. Sponsored shopping? I applaud you ALL.

And Diane does look very cool here. I’m going to pass on the shoes; they look like hefty, ankle-twisting knockoffs of something Stella McCartney once made, and they weren’t that great in their original form. And if I wore that hat, people would just look at me and say, “Rough morning, huh?” That jacket, though… I would seek out that blazer, if going inside H&M didn’t make me feel so ancient. Perhaps I should reconsider. I’ve never once thought that something Diane Kruger wore would be anything I could pull off, but there’s a first time for everything. IT IS A NEW WORLD.

[Photo: WENN]