(A) Wow, she is pretty. She is one of the few living humans who can pull off the Wet Fashion Hair Look. (B) I enjoy the juxtaposition between the artsy feeling of this cover and the headline about its subject (and the associated font). (C) I like those earrings so much that her bra top sort of faded from my consciousness, which is really saying something given my on-record feelings about bra tops (honestly, this one just sort of works, though; this is like….when you should use the bra top). (D) Wait, are those earrings the best way for me to accessorize my way to a better aura?!?!?! I will make that sacrifice. This is useful journalism!

I used to call Marie Claire “the magazine that trusts women to read,” thanks to its habit of running long-form and properly reported actual news articles, and I enjoy that this profile of Priyanka follows that trend. It’s full of interesting little tidbits — including the fact that Priyanka says she reads everything folks write about her on the internet, which, PRIYANKA NO — and thoughtful ruminations on her transition from Bollywood to Hollywood. It’s definitely worth a click over there to check it out. (Also to see many glamorous hot-pink outfits on her, including a caftan-y thing that I hope she wears in public once we can all go places again.)

Also, this made me laugh:

“It was one of these quarantine decisions, which I could have completely regretted, but I play a sad writer in this next movie,” says Chopra Jonas as she fluffs the hair on her forehead. “I don’t know why, but I feel like ‘sad writer’ means bangs.”

I’m a sad writer and every time I go into the bathroom I do consider cutting bangs. So this is correct.

[Photos by Ruth Ossai]