Let me be honest: I HATE this dress. She looks like she’s wearing a valance from a bedroom set on All My Children circa 1983 that was meant to be aggressively sexy but turned out to just look flammable. And yet…I think she looks terrific? This is, of course, in part thanks to her fantastic hair; I always thought it was highly unrealistic when she was on the run on Quantico and yet never bothered to chop off or dye her hair, or buy a hat. LOOK AT YOUR HAIR ANYONE WILL NOTICE YOU WITH THAT FANTASTIC HAIR. And some of it is the sunglasses. Part of it is, obviously, her face, and also her body, which be — in the poetic words of Playing House – bangin.’  But that doesn’t mean it’s any less impressive.

[Photo: Jose Perez/INSTARimages.com]