In case you missed their arrival yesterday, it was all coats-y deliciousness and canoodling and black lace dresses, and you should check it out here. Today, THE COATS CONTINUE, as William popped up to DC to meet with President Obama and, per the Palace’s schedule of events, “attend an anti-corruption conference at the World Bank to discuss a zero tolerance approach to the transportation across borders of illegal wildlife parts,” where he gave a speech and went to a lunch. Kate stayed in New York to wrap presents with disadvantaged kids and Chirlane McCray, the First Lady of New York (whose coat was ALSO excellent), and then she went to a lunch at the British Counsel.  Tonight, of course, Wills and Kate are going to the Nets game, the shenanigans of which I shall cover in another post. All I can say is: PRAY FOR KISS CAM.

[Photos: Getty, Splash, Saul Loeb/AFP]