A big day for the Duke and Duchess, and much of it was quite serious. They both went and signed the condolence book at the French Embassy, before Wills went to the French v. England soccer match at Wembley (which he had not been originally scheduled to do) in order to be present as FA President — and, surely, as Feeling Human Person — for the moment of silence and singing of La Marseillaise and for purposes of general solidarity through sports (his actual quote was, “Tonight’s game is a chance to pay tribute to the bravery and resolve of the French people”), and Kate went to a event celebrating The Fostering Network, which (as the name implies) works with children in foster care. (As ever, HRH Duchess Kate has an excellent overview of the day’s events.) (This post has been sponsored by PARENTHESIS!)

We’ve got some extra pics from inside Kate’s event, thanks to the KP Twitter:

As always, I want to know more about THE PASTRIES. Priorities in this life.

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