First things first! Kate is wearing the Lotus Flower Tiara — and, as ever, Order of Splendor has a good primer on it.  The Lotus flower is meaningful in Chinese culture, so that makes very good sense as a choice, and it’s probably the only tiara that Kate is allowed to borrow that actually does have some meaning that resonates for the guests of honor. (I wish there were a blog written by the people who help Kate decide what to wear and why — ditto Michelle Obama, actually — because there has to be a lot of discussion about symbolism and yada and I am HERE FOR THAT.) Her bracelets, which you will see within — TWO! THANK YOU, KATE! –are my jeweled soulmates. One is a loaner from the Queen; it was a wedding gift from Phil, and it’s all Romanov diamonds (that intel is from our friends at The Court Jeweller).

William is, obviously, wearing a Speedo with his usual fur bolero and a crown of discarded candy wrappers. BORING.

Since so far we don’t have a proper high-res shot of the entire dress, and probably won’t get one, here it is, thanks to Twitter:

It seems very floaty and glam in motion, which I like. Additionally, you guys know I am obsessed with the menus for these things. Here it is:

[Photos: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire, for Getty]