William today did some work for Centrepoint, opening a new facility called Apprenticeship House, which helps to ease the path toward independent living for homeless youths — Jess will have those pics in Royals Round-Up, but here is KP’s photo (of Wills’ dishy dad sweater)  — and then attending a gala for the organization’s 50th birthday. And LO AND BEHOLD, he busted out a Moment again. Hot on the heels of him lighting the Internet’s loins on fire in Pakistan, Prince Duke of Cambridgewills casually strolled into this event in a GREEN VELVET JACKET (this one, by Reiss). Willie, you scamp. It’s goofy and delightful and posh, all at once; I think it’s appropriate for the event, but also nice for him to have a little fun — finally — with menswear. I think he rather enjoyed the positive buzz he got for shaking it up on tour, and maybe he’s branching out a little. Spreading those wings. First British racing green velvet, and then… what if he delves into a patterned hipster suit?!? Is his closet full of blue suits weeping right now, forlorn, forsaken? Dare we dream?

Also, I don’t actually think this is a distraction, mostly because I had no idea this event was happening until I saw the Twitters atwitter with news of the GREEN VELVET JACKET. And then I backed out and saw the Apprenticeship House opening, so to my eyes that means the clothing choice actually may have turned a brighter spotlight onto the organization he was promoting today (and Centrepoint was one of his first patronages, dating back to 2005). Well played, Your Dukesty. Somewhere in India while on his own tour, Chaz and his pocket squares are like, “YES! There is HOPE.”

[Photos: Shutterstock, Getty]