So, the BMI Awards — BMI is a performance rights organization, not Body Mass Index — immediately precede the CMAs, which are country music’s biggest night. But it does not draw anywhere close to a CMA crowd. That might be on purpose, or that might because everyone is laying low and getting one last facial. Of those who did come, the most relevant to Fug Nation’s interests is Maren, a Fug Madness favorite for what I would generously term her spotty fashion history since she got a high-profile styling team. I like the sass of this sparkly suit, though. It’s very country — it has shades of a Nudie suit about it — but it’s also pretty glam, and she’s serving it hot with the bright lipstick. I don’t love that the coat is acting as a navel frame, but Maren is pregnant (it’s apparently a boy; she said she’s due in March), so maybe the fetus is dictating the fit right now. On the whole, though? Here for it, and very curious to see what she pulls out tonight. Maybe her baby will steer her better than her stylists have.

[Photo: Shutterstock]