Prabal Gurung skipped last season, but said he had hope reawakened in him when he was biking around New York City once the city started creeping back to life:

He found reasons for optimism in the exuberant outdoor dance scenes springing up around New York City, from the piers of the Upper West Side down to Sheridan Square, and in the sidewalk restaurant set-ups that spilled everywhere onto the streets. “I was biking from uptown to downtown and seeing trans artists and drag artists vogueing in ’80s prom dresses…the joy and hope reminded me of why I came to New York 20 years ago,” he remembered on a Zoom call. […] “I felt alive, I felt awake.”

I can definitely see that vibe in here. I think… we are all, or most of us, hitting a real pandemic wall and so it’s nice to hear and see hope from the artists among us. Gotta start somewhere.

[Photos: Imaxtree]