I really wish Julianne Moore had walked the red carpet. I get the temptation to skip it when you hate your outfit, but a) you’re a professional so just do it; b) she’s wearing Tom Ford, whom she’s also honoring; and c) it appears to be a very GROOVY Tom Ford, so why not show it off?

Instead we have to ogle it through the microphone, and right now I offer a HEARTY thank you and hug to the Hollywood Film Awards for making that sucker see-through. We owe you a debt. Perhaps in return, they can explain to me why Tom Ford is being called a Breakthrough Director for Nocturnal Animals, when didn’t he actually very elegantly break through with A Single Man? How many times can one break through? Is it like piercing your ears and having the hole close up?

Edited to add a late-breaking backstage shot of her with Tom Ford:

Still digging it. I also enjoy that the backstage area here is so haphazard and messy. You know some poor PR person was like, “WHY ARE YOU DOING THE PICTURES RIGHT HERE? OH MY GOD, THERE’S A WHOLE CART IN THE PHOTO.”

[Photos: Getty]