We have a few options here:

a) This is a joke, poking fun at the general absurdity of red carpet culture — in which case, it is well done.

b) Ashley knew that today is Courtney Peldon’s birthday, and decided to celebrate dressed as if we were all living in 2007 again, when outfits like this were alarmingly plentiful — generally on the still employable form of Lindsay Lohan — and I was full of fresh cracks about how this makes for an intriguing definition of “business casual.”

c) Her stylist is currently undergoing a very serious personal problem — say, she’s been sent here from the future to warn us about a variety of recent newsworthy developments, but she also has to continue to do her job so as not to be found out; it’s stressful — and perhaps isn’t doing her best work at the moment.

d) ???????????

e) Someone literally bet her money to see if she could land on the back pages of Us Weekly, and she’s a resourceful lass who hates to lose.