Now that I think about it more critically, there’s no reason to believe that I wouldn’t love Pete Wentz’s Cardigan. It’s just that I never guessed I’d be thinking about Pete Wentz’s Cardigan one way or the other when I woke up today. (I also think that Pete Wentz’s Cardigan would be a great name for a band, while we’re here.) And now that I’ve done some research into the world of Pete Wentz’s Knitwear, this is also a pretty good sweater. What if Pete Wentz is secretly a real knitwear aficionado? What if Pete Wentz branches out from music to open a tiny little store in Los Feliz that just sells sassy cardigans to hipsters? (Are “hipsters” still a thing or are we too old now?) Fall Out Boy can play the opening!

(Photo by JOCE/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)
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