I feel like, of all of Hollywood’s Lady Friend Duos, this might be the one I most want to grab a drink with. No offense to, say, J Law and Schumer, who I am sure are a collective hoot, but Sandy and Melissa are both a little older than I am and I feel like I could learn a lot from their collective awesome. Also, Sandra Bullock has Clooney’s number in her phone for sure, and that just seems like a plus. (This may also just be a way for me to meet my favorite non-royal celebrity child, Louis Bullock, who I am on record as thinking is possibly the cutest person alive.) ALSO, Melissa brings Shaun White Hoodies and Denim with her. They’re just really strong lady friend candidates, is all, and I also think you could text one of them and be like, “What are you wearing?” and they’d be like, “I don’t even know.”

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