A lot of our commenters have lamented that it felt like nobody was trying at this event, or that everyone was throwing on some old thing that used to live on their reject pile for another event they were more excited about — and that does feel true of a few of these dresses. Much like this one.

I wonder if this color looked niftier in person; in photos it reminds me of when I empty my mop bucket in the sink. The sleeves are bunching, it’s hanging on her body oddly — like a hug being given insincerely — and even the back feels like it’s half-assing things:

I’m sure the netting gives her some peace of mind, but there’s a point at which if you’re going to do a bold back like this, go big or go home. Don’t add safety nets. They just look weird, like she hooked the side with her thumbs and the lining tore away.

Jessica saw this and wondered if a breakup with Seacrest is in the offing, because her hair looks younger and bouncier, and the dress — though boring from the front — doesn’t give her that weirdly stodgy air she often has as half of that couple (the theory being that she was overcompensating for the age difference). I guess we’ll find out; hopefully on her next outing she’ll keep going in this hair direction but  knock me upside the head with a cooler dress. I’m ready, Julianne. I will accept that concussion.

[Photo: Getty]