So, apparently this Carrie Keegan person has been on things as wide-ranging as Chelsea Lately, TV Guide Channel’s red-carpet coverage, Fox News, VH-1, Reno 911, one of the eight bajillion American Pie sequels, and Attack of the Show.

Carrie Keegan

Coming up: appearances on a Discovery Channel expose about the dangers of misshapen platforms under your shoes, an Animal Planet special on insect weddings, something on Spike TV called Cleavage Sneeze, and the obligatory Grey’s Anatomy episode in which a simple spinal tap starts to leak gossamer and then a bunch of people die while children cry and all the doctors are covered in the blood of the innocent and their lives are terrible and nothing happy happens to anybody because the show wants to wring your emotions out of you like a stubborn washcloth.

Lest you think her odd taste is a one-off, I give you this from the prior week:

Carrie Keegan

This seems to be a velvet jacket over a metallic jumpsuit. A particularly itchy-looking jumpsuit, at that. On the one hand, how has Tyra Banks not worn this already? On the other, please, God, don’t let Tyra Banks see this photo. This look must die here.

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