All I know is, being exhausted because you’re tooling all over Europe to go to fashion shows is a lovely and enviable problem to have, but everyone who’s been covering these things since New York Fashion Week kicked off almost a month ago must feel like their heads are about to explode and they’re trapped in some kind of Groundhog Day meets Pret-a-Porter nightmare dreamscape. “No more directional footwear,” one of them is muttering to herself right now, curled up in her Frette bathrobe in her hotel bathroom in Paris. “I can’t do anymore. I can’t. Someone please bring me a vat of macaroni and cheese and let me watch twenty straight hours of House Hunters.” Well, precious darlings, Kaiser Karl certainly isn’t helping. He showed over a 100 looks at Chanel this week. I am not going to do that to you – if you want to see every stitch of the show, check it out at The Cut – but I can give you a selection thereof. AND I WILL.

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