This dress is Jenny Packham, and I think it’s very pretty:

You may, of course disagree — please feel free to disagree! Although I disagree with your disagreeing! — but what I am really here to discuss involves her make-up. You know how if you say a word over and over again, it stops making any sense and just becomes nonsense sound? Go ahead and say the word “umbrella” like seventeen times aloud at your desk. This will both elucidate my point and perhaps get you the rest of the afternoon off — which you can use to further reflect on how “umbrella” is just a bizarre amalgamation of letters. And that’s how I feel about her eye make-up. First, I sort of liked it, then I really studied it, then I didn’t like it and NOW it’s just meaningless and I have no idea if it’s helping/hindering this look at all.

I do like her bracelets.

[Photo: Getty]

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