This is a little fussy and lacy for my tastes, but I LOVE the shocking orange color. It feels surprising, because the dress itself looks like it should be the kind of tepid white that can only happen in an attic, where a young girl might find it in a trunk atop a single shoe and labeled HAVISHAM: LAUNDRY DAY COPY. (This would also explain why the various layers look slightly more chewed-off than cut.) Even Miss Hav herself would probably be like, “Ugh, yes, I regret ALL my choices, DYE THE HELL OUT OF THAT THING.” I’m undecided on whether the color outweighs the cut for me; maybe if we chopped off the sheer part and made it short, it’d come together better. What would you do? Or would you leave it alone and go about your day’s work of forgetting to do your Crest Whitestrips, and fretting about your office People’s Choice Awards pool because you simply cannot predict the outcome of the Favorite Male Actor In A Crime Drama category, which has nominated Chris O’Donnell, Donnie Wahlberg, LL Cool J, Mark Harmon, and Tom Selleck? I mean, I assume that’s what you’re all doing, anyway. It’s obviously what I am doing, minus that second thing.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]