I like to think this expression says, “Thank you for your time, but you are missing the entire bottom half of my outfit. Is that really how you want to live?” No, Angela, it isn’t, but we didn’t get a vote. The pattern reminds me a little of that puzzle that’s a shelf packed tightly with records, and it also looks tactile, which is appealing to me. I can’t tell from the way she’s standing how it fits, though; the lack of a full-length photo is so frustrating. The best I can do is her seated on-stage with Jenelle Riley:

National Geographic's 'The Flood' TV show FYC Screening and Q&A, Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA - 22 Apr 2019

Those gold platforms are Extra. The pants seem slim-cut and like MAYBE they are at her ankles when she stands, but ride up when she sits? Sigh. I always assumed that when I gave up and became a Pants Detective, it would be me going around town trying to locate pants for the people who appeared to have lost them, but I guess trying to solve their mysteries is a natural part of it. All of this would have been a lot easier if someone had just gotten a photo of her standing up. I’m going to give it a tentative stamp of approval, but this case is not closed.

[Photo: Rex/Shutterstock]