Remember in the Project Runway finale, when Michael and Nina got their panties in a wad about Mondo’s bubble gown, and Heidi insisted she’d wear it, and they were all, “OH I’D LIKE TO SEE YOU TRY,” before making Gretchen the winner and thus condemning her to a life of never being able to enjoy it? 

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Suck on THAT, Top American Designer Michael Kors and Fashion Director of Marie Claire Magazine Nina Garcia! Whether or not I like it is immaterial, because Heidi totally put her money where her mouth (and torso, legs, bust, and hips) is and to me that’s a big giant bird flipped right up their upturned noses. Klum 10, Jessica Simpson 5, Other Judges 0. [I gave J.Simp points because a) this happened without Heidi making good on her suggestion that the two of them wear it concurrently at the same party, and b) for once the kid backed the right horse.] So Michael and Nina, for your uncharacteristically shrill and wrong-headed arguments that day, please do gently roll up this picture, nestle it in the barrel of your pipe, light it, and place it to your lips to savor the taste of its triumphant smoke.