First of all, OBVIOUSLY we here at GFY are all VERY excited for the new Harry Potter movie. We are, after all, the girls who scrutinize the Harry Potter merchandise page inside the Sky Mall and then note to one another that it’s ridiculous that the $75 Harry Potter replica wand is inaccurately sized. Although I feel that remains a very salient point: if you are the sort of person who will shell out $75 for a Harry Potter Replica Wand (I am not), I am certain that you are ALSO the sort of person who would want said wand to be of accurate dimensions, especially because wandlore is VERY IMPORTANT in the Potterverse. I was just going to write, “Don’t get me started,” but…too late. Anyway. Yay for Harry Potter, and onward to Emma Watson, whom we also adore, especially now she doesn’t act with her eyebrows as much as she used to:

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 - World Film Premiere Arrivals

The haircut is adorable, but let’s get real: If, like, Blake Lively had shown up wearing this it would be ice dancing jokes galore. I can’t decide if I think Emma approaches pulling this off because I love her, and because the rest of her look is so gamine that it tones down the FEATHERS MINI-SKIRTS VISIBLE BRA aspect, or if I’m just laboring under a delusion brought on by love — much like the time Ron Weasley accidentally ingested love potion and decided he could not get enough of Romilda Vane.

Let’s see what else she’s worn on this junket thus far (AKA, the day before): 

Warner Brothers Leavesden Studios - Photocall

I actually like this one less, I think. Something about it feels sort of weirdly 90s to me — I think it’s the velvet and the dark lip — which serves primarily to make me feel all old and musty, like a mysterious item one might find in the Room of Requirement should one have to dash inside to hide something. LIKE, SAY, A HORCRUX HOLDING PART OF YOUR SOUL. Or, I dunno. Something else.