We saw her this morning; this afternoon, we meet again. For what it’s worth, I like this dress more than the Miu Miu she modeled for us earlier, even if it does sort of look like a sheer number that she’s modified by wearing with a tee shirt stuck underneath it for modesty — like the high fashion version of wearing a shirt into the pool because your sunburn is OUT OF CONTROL but you still really want to get in there and splash around. It is, after all, better than the alternative.

It’s also basically EXACTLY the way it came down the runway, although I think she swapped out the underskirt:

[Note: Check The Tag is a very useful source for credits, if that’s something you’re in the market for, and you’re not already following them.]

Seeing those two next to each other like that…I have to give the edge to Louis Vuitton. This whole thing is kind of cool on the model, but Emma needs the f’ed up hair and aggressive make-up to sell it, I think. What say you?