Everything about this story that the Downton Abbey movie is allegedly for sure happening makes me laugh. Stuff like this gets released all the time — some dude says, “oh, yeah, that rumored movie is totally going to happen” and everyone writes stories about how it’s full speed ahead, locked down, 100% on the books, and then you ask any of the actors (and Julian Fellowes!) and they’re all like, “um, maybe someone should tell my agent?”  In short: I’ll believe it when I see it, even if the source is a high-up at the studio. I don’t even know if I think there should be a Downton movie. I mean, if it’s a good story, yes. People love to revisit characters they love. BUT given how all over the place the last few seasons of Downton were, story-wise, I have concerns. On the other hand, Fellowes can OBVIOUSLY write a film script, so this might actually turn out well. Perhaps, a la Gosford Park, someone will FINALLY be pushed down that Downton well, and the whole movie can be Lady Mary solving the murder. (The perpetrator is clearly Mr Bates. Poor Anna.)

Let us also discuss one of our favorite topics: How people from Downton look, out of character. Click on the photo itself if you want to see it ENORMOUS, as ever. We’ve got, from left to right:

Carson, looking dashing and tan, like he’s just flown in from the South of France; Molesley, looking slightly Moleselian; Lady Edith, looking GREAT in a navy stripe with a great red lipstick;  producer Gareth Neame and Julian Fellowes; Mrs Hughes, also looking as if she’s just flown in from the South of France, with Carson, as God intended;  Footman Andy (and real-life boyfriend of Laura Carmichael); Liz Trubridge, who is a producer/production manager (and who I somehow forgot originally; I am sorry, Liz!!); and, finally, Daisy, looking FANTASTIC. Somewhere, Lady Mary is very put out indeed.