I find that my relationship with Erdem is love-hate. Well, mostly the latter, but often there’s a germ of something very pretty in there that I wish they would let flourish, rather than piling onto it with other nonsense. (Erdem is a bit like Rodarte, in that sense, although not as consistently insane and/or potentially constructed with a stapler.) And so it goes here. This color is thoroughly enchanting on Kidman, but it’s so busy that I just want to swat at it, like a gnat that won’t find its way back outside. Between the pattern, the short lace trim that looks almost like fur, the slightly longer lace chilling out around her thighs and pointing at her vagina, and the volcanic expulsion of it down at her knees… it’s a lot. It’s so much, in fact, that I’m having a hard time backing away and figuring out which parts I want to delete. I’d start at the knees, I think, and then the rest I need some kind of De-Erdemizer app that lets me experiment with peeling away other pieces of flair until the balance is right.

[Photo: Getty]