In the Before Times, one night of the Creative Arts Emmys wasn’t enough, so they turned it into two. Now, with the pandemic, it’s become… five. Yes, five. But five that are the length of an episode of television, so it’s really just a bunch of themed 45-minute stretches? I would say that’s a lot to ask of Nicole Byer, but a) she’s not doing very much heavy lifting here, and b) all the acceptance speeches are pre-taped, so they must have also filmed all these very short bites in one swoop a while ago, which means c) hosting them in an actual auditorium in front of real live human nominees would have been way more taxing. And for sure involved more costume changes; as it stands so far she’s just worn the one dress. But I hope it was an equivalent payday, because “less taxing” doesn’t make it any less weird for a host to have absolutely NOBODY to play off of when they’re doing their thing. Anyway, here’s a look at Nicole’s gown and a couple of the winners/presenters, as we imagine what this might mean for Sunday’s big night.

[Photos: Shutterstock, and my screenshot command]