She looks SO HAPPY here, with her very dishy husband, that it might just be selling me on the whole thing.


She may ALSO look so happy because she’s the front-runner for the Oscar this year, don’t you think? (I am sure she’s great in Still Alice, because everyone has said so [apparently Kristen Stewart is also fantastic in it], but I know me and I can’t see it. My own grandmother had early on-set Alzheimer’s and I just can’t watch a movie about it. That said: I love Julianne Moore and she’s a great actress and I want her to be happy and she deserves an Oscar for SOMETHING, that is for sure, so I am happy to sign off on this if someone will just bring me the paperwork.) She’s so happy and he’s so happy, that I just want to stamp this whole thing APPROVED and move right along. What do you think?

[Photos: Splash]