Naomi Watts has been an intense delight on Twin Peaks: The Return – I am so, so pleased hers wasn’t a three-lines-and-out cameo — and her character is prone to lively colors and/or florals. Maybe it rubbed off: This is an awesome shade on her. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the butterfly-wing shape of the eyelets, but I’ve decided I like it, just because it’s something slightly different. The chunky shoes, though? Pass. They aren’t the worst of their ilk, but they look like the heels she loves because they’re comfortable regardless of whether they’re terribly stylish or cute. I respect that. We all have those. But since I’m pretty sure she didn’t hoof it there, I’d have gone with something less blocky, comfort be damned.

She changed for her late-night talk show stint:

Naomi Watts visits

I mostly love it. But I wish there were not black flowers on the top, because it comes off like the blossoms on her dress have started to die, as if the dress is a breathing and changing organism that must be removed when the last petal turns or else she will become one with it and be forced to live trapped in its essence as other celebrities or shoppers wear her and then archive her for eternity. Kind of a combination of Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella, with elements of Being John Malkovich.

Naomi Watts gets wind blowned at the

I do enjoy that it’s poncho/caftan-adjacent, though. I’m really feeling the blousy look right now because I sense a Summer of Eating Everything In Sight coming on.

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