A friend of mine emailed me on Monday with the public service announcement that Rafa Nadal’s tennis kit was indeed sleeveless, and what better way to end the week? It sounds like — after some questionable at best decision-making during the qualifiers, in terms of playing amid the air quality — Melbourne got a well-timed rain that cleared things up significantly before the first round began. A lot of the biggies did a fundraiser that earned $3.5 million for various relief efforts, with Federer and Nadal pledging a combined $250k; Serena donated her winnings from the run-up tournament; and several players are making donations based on their performance, like matches won, or aces hit. You love to see it, as they say. (Here is a separate list of ways to donate, if you’re interested.)

And speaking of things we love to see: Nadal’s arms.

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