God bless Emma Watson — a phrase that I say in my head in exactly the tone Julie Andrews uses in The Sound of Music wherein she is blessing each of the Von Trapps, but can’t remember Kurt, so she says, “God bless Whatshisname.” I often feel like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music, actually: running late, with curlers under my wimple, and secretly in love with Christopher Plummer. ANYWAY. God bless Emma Watson, for she is never boring but nor is she ever tasteless or crass, and here she is both interesting AND pretty:

This dress is weird, for sure — it kind of reminds me of this Chloe Sevigny dress, in that is has Aura of Sweater Tied Around Waist, except it’s better, I think, because it doesn’t make you spend as much time thinking, “what the hell is happening here?” And there’s something about it that makes me feel like she just feel out of a Seventeen photoshoot about surfing, and HyperColor tee shirts, in the very early 90s, and that makes me feel so deliciously young, I can’t even tell you.

[Photo: Getty]