Chiara Aurelia: I look COMPLETELY reasonable. This dress is very pretty. My earrings are great. The whole thing feels slightly Audrey Hepburn-y. I did it!

Finn Wittrock: CONGRATS. You’ve found the one photo of me in physical existence that could be fairly called “bad.” SOMEONE MADE A TASTELESS JOKE maybe. It’s a REACTION. My handsome face is still handsome! Please don’t go believing that I have frozen like this.

Mila Kunis: Hello. I decided to go FULL FOXY for this event.  And I succeeded.

CA: It’s a shame that the black carpet makes us look like floating torsos.


MK: Even as just a floating head, fingers, and three inches of thigh, I look incredibly hot. CONGRATS ME.

CA: Congrats, you!

FW:  I miss being congratulated for my hotness!!

MK: Don’t worry. One more snap of the shutter and you’ll be back to normal.

[Photo by Erik Pendzich/Shutterstock]