I was wondering last week why Michelle hasn’t been out promoting The Greatest Showman, and one of you wisely pointed out that she was probably super busy with the reshoots on All The Money in the World. I think that is TOTALLY true and also that maybe she was pretending she wasn’t in a circus musical with Zefron and “my Ridley Scott movie is being TOTALLY RESHOT IN SIX WEEKS because Kevin Spacey is pathologically disgusting” is an extremely good excuse. No disrespect to Zefron. Or musicals! Or even to circuses. (Speaking of this movie, it’s an amazing story, which I know all about due to an exceptional story I read in…of course…Tatler.)

ANYWAY. This dress is Louis Vuitton, because they own Michelle’s sartorial soul, but it’s also FINALLY a proper grown-up glamorous red carpet gown on her and she looks FANTASTIC in this color. If this is the direction she’s choosing to go for awards season, bring it on.

[Photo: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com]