MBJ wore a groovy Louis Vuitton coat the other day to a Just Mercy event, and he must really have been feeling himself in it because this is basically that same coat in button-down form. It’s like the super high-fashion styling version of how I used to buy the same shirt in two or three colors if I decided it looked good on me. (Okay, I might still occasionally do that, but very occasionally, and now it makes me feel like an audacious spendthrift.) Very relatable, Michael B. Wear what feels good.

Rob Morgan, meanwhile, continues being interesting:

Newark Community Screening of 'Just Mercy', New Jersey, USA - 17 Dec 2019

He has the air of a genteel time-traveler who has leapt forward, and is trying to outfit himself in modern threads that still befit his period of origin. I would watch that movie.

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